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Splinter Cell: Conviction; or, How Not to Write a Story.

5 May

Yet another old blog post, this one from May 2010.

I didn’t read too much information about Splinter Cell: Conviction before playing it. I also didn’t watch a lot of videos. The bit I knew really intrigued me: Sam learned his daughter’s death might not have been an accident, and he heard some names floating around. The interrogation bit in the demo certainly led me to believe he was on a personal mission of vengeance. Right or wrong, he was going to get the information he needed, the way he needed to get it. The premise was instantly thought-provoking. With a story like that, there are multiple ways to go about exploring themes, such as moral ambiguity, blind rage and the consequences of it, and learning to let go and move on with your life. As you can probably guess by the title of this post, the kind folks at Ubisoft decided to shit all over themselves.

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Sad Reflections.

5 May

This was a post from the tail end of 2009 on the old blog. I’m still going through the entries that didn’t import well, and I’m posting one or two of them a day just to have them up. I should mention that I’ve been debating getting back into Call of Duty since I still do have the occasional hankering to dole out some ass kicking. I should, and most likely will, just pick Left 4 Dead 2 (or Left 5 Dead, as my girlfriend calls it) back up again. That series is amazing, and I should be playing it more often. Anyways, with that caveat out of the way, enjoy.

It’s 5am, and as I sit here, fresh off a couple of hours attempting to subjugate my people in Tropico 3, I happened to come across this post by Michael Abbott over at Brainy Gamer. It’s worth a read. But, sadly, it made me think about what the Call of Duty franchise has ultimately become: a five-second thrill rehashed ad-nauseum. My first confession should be that I’m not nearly as big a multiplayer competitor as I used to be. Turn back the clock just a couple of years and you’d be likely to find me playing a lot more Halo 3. But nowadays, I simply can’t do it. The experience of standard multiplayer has become so stale and uninteresting to me that the thought of entering a match doesn’t usually cross my mind at all. I need something more out of games at this point, and a game like Modern Warfare 2 just doesn’t cut it.

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Developers Shouldn’t Use Cliff Notes.

1 May

Right off the bat, I should say that I’m really enjoying Castlevania: Lords of Shadow so far. I’ve only just started chapter 2, but I’m currently appreciating the slow-burn of both the game play and story. Be that as it may, I’ve already found my first brow-furrowing moment in the game. Ever heard of Shadow of the Colossus?

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To Portal or Not to Portal; No One Really Asked You.

26 Apr

Awesome Concept Art

Because Portal 2 is so funny, I didn’t realize how scary a premise it contains. My girlfriend even had to point it out to me. Looking through Chell’s perspective, she’s trapped miles underground god knows where, and has been there for god knows how long. It’s reasonable to assume it’s been at least hundreds of years. She doesn’t know if there is a single human being left in the world, but she still has GlaDOS to keep her company. Oh, yea, well, a moronic robot accidentally re-activated her during an escape attempt, so now she’s making Chell test again. Her acidic barbs are even more venomous in some ways this time around, probably because she was, you know, murdered and left to rot.

That’s how the game starts.

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Gaming Flashback: Silent Hill 2 – Welcome to the Sins of Your Life

15 Jan

The following is a piece written by HoDKurtZ for the old blog:

Let’s cut to the chase: Silent Hill 2 may still be the greatest character study in gaming history. It’s also still one of the most consistently organic games ever made.

To start off, I must say that if you are reading this, you should expect a lot of spoilers, as this is a retrospective on a game that, if you haven’t already played it, you should immediately stop reading and go find a copy of it to play.

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