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Cole Phelps and Me.

24 May

Chief among the laundry list of things L.A. Noire does exceptionally well is the character of Cole Phelps. I suppose one could argue that he’s one-dimensional, but the characters surrounding Cole certainly make up for what he lacks in certain areas. For the first time in recent memory I saw a little bit of myself in a video game character, and that’s a huge step in the right direction.

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Getting Emotional.

2 May

Recently I’ve seen the argument put forth that games cannot, by default, elicit the same emotions that movies do. Reason being, simply, that you’re looking at computer-generated characters instead of real, living, breathing people. Is that actually the case? Is that a very strict limitation of games that can never be overcome? I give you two examples – one from an actual live performance, and one from a video game. The actual live performance is longer, but for the sake of my comparison, I think that’s okay. I won’t give you the insights into the Clapton song if you don’t know what he’s singing about, because the same context isn’t readily available for the Silent Hill example. I’ll simply place them next to each other and let you come to a conclusion.

Eric Clapton:

Silent Hill (ignore everything after the initial song):