Red Dead has blurred the line between games and film

6 May

This post is from May, 2010 by Markus on the old blog.

We all know by now that Rockstar Games’ Red Dead: Redemption is out and enjoying universal acclaim from fans and critics so there’s no point in reviewing this absolutely must buy title. The only thing I care to add at this point is that RDR will stand proudly beside the best western films that I have in my DVD collection. It is that damn good.

Last night as I finished a major section and started a new one, Rockstar very effectively blurred the line between Hollywood and the digital realm. Just thinking about it still gives me goosebumps. I’ve played for several hours now and former outlaw John Marsten has formed alliances, gained new enemies, and explored just one section of a frontier that’s bigger than most open world games. All of the friends he has made, and all the work he has accomplished simply vanish as he must now venture deep into Mexico to bring his former partner in crime to justice. He is alone, acting only off a hunch, and the thought of completing his task and reuniting with his family seem nigh impossible at this juncture. The sun was setting over the red dusty cliffs and an explosive display of orange and purples filled the sky as I steered John and his horse into uncertain territory. Then this song started playing (hear below) and immersed me into the character and game world like no other has done before……………..or will again.


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